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I was born into a family with strong hospitality genes so once matriculated it seemed only natural to follow in their footsteps. I enrolled at Stellenbosch University as a B.Consumer Science student. Upon completion of my four-year degree I wanted to explore the world and found myself settling in Surbiton, UK. Whilst working in London, at one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, I frequently traveled to Europe, which granted me the opportunity to learn more about various European countries, their people and their cultures.

Once this industry is in your blood there is no cure. You are hooked for life. In a good way..!

In 2004 I returned home and started my career in the events industry as part of Cape Town’s, and today South Africa’s, leading Wedding and Events coordinators. Over three years I soon progressed to a senior coordinator and after coordinating and assisting with more than 100 weddings and events I decided to focus my attention on the more specialized field of décor. During this year I worked on many high profile weddings which required intricate décor construction. I also had the opportunity to be exposed to large corporate events like the Nederburg Auction and the J&B Met.

I took a short break from the events industry to focus on my new family, but I have always been drawn back, inspired by the ongoing developments within this exciting and ever changing industry. I cannot imagine myself being involved in any other line of creativity and so starting my own business seemed like the next, most natural step in my life.

Now, I can finally live out my true passion.