Where is the dance floor?

Where is the dance floor?

When venue hunting I often find that clients restrict themselves with options as they have preconceived ideas about what the norm is in terms of layout when hosting a wedding.  This does not have to be the case.  It is however the client’s personal choice and is largely determined by the profile of the guests.


A younger crowd with itchy feet might enjoy having the dance floor in the middle of the room with the tables around them.  Everyone can see the dance floor and can feel part of the party all night long.  This set-up can become problematic when your venue doesn’t allow you to actually sit around the room and you end up having to split the room in two groups in order to still have a central dance floor.  This set up can also make some guests feel a bit sensitive especially if the Bridal couple sit amongst the guests on only one side of the room.  This challenge can however be over come by reserving two seat for the couple on either side of the reception room so that the can enjoy starter and main course at one table and dessert at another.  This “double” seating arrangement can also work well for a couple who are torn between having a formal bridal table (with parents) and wants to sit with their friends.


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A crowd with a 50/50 combination of young and old might want to consider having the dance floor on the one side of the reception venue.  This will allow you to seat the younger guests close to the dance floor and the older guests more towards the back.  This will allow the older quests who, most likely want to chat more, to be in a more quite spot away from the speakers.

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So what happens if your reception area does not allow you to have the dance floor in the same room?  I would suggest you MOVE THE PARTY.  One can do a few things in an attempt to do this.  Firstly you need to create lounge areas in the dance floor area so that guests who are not on the dance floor are still close and comfortable so that they don’t feel the need to go back to their dinner table.  Most venues do have some furniture sets available that could possibly used.  A huge trend at the moment is a cake/sweets buffet which you can also set-up in the dance area to attract people there.  Also ask your venue to serve your dessert canapé style with the waitrons offering it to guests on the dance floor.  Lastly make sure you book a really good and entertaining DJ.


Remember there are no rules and…it is your party, you can do what you want to. 🙂  Happy dancing!



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