New Venue | L’Avenir Single Block Rooftop Venue

New Venue | L’Avenir Single Block Rooftop Venue

We attended the launch of the new L’Avenir Single Block Rooftop venue recently and wow! we were impressed – it’s simply breathtaking.

This venue is beautifully designed. The gorgeous glass doors & windows offer uninterrupted panoramic views of the Winelands. L’Avenir hopes this venue will encourage innovation, collaboration, education and business. This beautiful conference area has everything needed to conduct business for both locals and internationals alike. It boasts top technology to meet any business meeting needs. However, it also has all the necessary facilities for a wedding or special event celebration.

L’Avenir is famous for their flagship Single Block wines. These wines are made with precision and passion.  They are a tribute to Stellenbosch as they are cultivated from some of the oldest vines in the area. The passion and precision that is put into the Single Block wines is reflected in this facility. The philosophy that the Single Block wines embody has been integrated into the new venue – from the angles of the structure to each varietal of grape trailing up the pillars; to the water, which is the lifeblood of the vines flowing through the facility, as a gentle reminder of the constant evolution taking place around us.

All of this culminates in an artwork entitled “The Harvest” which celebrates harvest. This artwork celebrates the traditions of L’Avenir’s French winemaking heritage as well as their South African culture and background.

A breathtaking venue that can perfectly facilitate a conference, a birthday celebration or even a wedding.

We hope to visit it again very soon.

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