Caught up in love in the Franschhoek Valley

Caught up in love in the Franschhoek Valley

I’ve been in the wonderful wedding industry for the majority of my adult years and to be honest, one could probably get a bit blasé about people getting married now! I mean, you get engaged; you sort out all the masses of paper work, book the dream venue and send out the invites. (Okay, this is a little overly simplified but you get the just of it, don’t you?)

However, you’ll stumble upon a few people in our world who have to work a little harder to be able to go through the magical experience of marriage. With discrimination and prejudice still a fierce force in our modern world; same sex weddings can be few and far between. While this is heartbreaking, it’s nothing compared to the life threatening consequences of publicly sharing your love online.

I recently had the utmost privilege to plan my first “same sex” wedding! A gorgeous wedding (if I can say so myself!) nestled amongst the trees in Franschhoek. It was an emotion-filled day and one could really sense that this couple was meant to be together. Sadly, we are unable to share photographs of the happy couple but we have stunning snaps from their special day to tide you over!

The realization of the hurdles other people have to face, whatever they may be, awakened me and gave me a new appreciation of what I do and the privilege I have to be part of other peoples exceptional gatherings.

I hope you love the photographs from this special wedding as much as I do!


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